We offer an array of on site services critical to the success of our customers.    

When the need can’t come to us, we go where we are needed - 24/7/365. 

On Site Field Services Include: 

  • AC and DC Motor Repair and Reconditioning 
  • Removal and Installation Services 
  • Bearing Replacement and Maintenance 
  • Vibration Analysis, Thermography and Ultrasound Testing 
  • Laser Alignment and Onsite Balancing Cryogenic “Dry Ice” Cleaning 
  • Commutator and Slip Ring Service 
  • Fan Set Up 
  • Head Pulley Maintenance 
  • Emergency and Outage Support 
  • Cleaning Electrical Windings with Corn Cob to Remove Residue 
  • Sandblasting of Various Media for Cleaning and Restoration 
  • Breaker and Relay Inspection, Testing and Calibration 
  • Transformer Testing 
  • Motor Management Surveying 
  • PdMA Online & Offline Testing 
  • Oil Sampling 
  • Predictive Maintenance 
  • Motor Electrical Evaluation & Trending

Soles Field Services